February 17, 2022

Team Shoot: Secret Agent

Model Team, Team Shoot

Last weekend, Crush Model Studios kicked off its first team shoot of the year. Inspired by Cherlize Theron’s movie, Atomic Blonde, team members modeled their most intimidating secret agent looks. New members of the team were welcomed with helpful guidance of founder, Sarah Beth, and many of the recurring models.  All models utilized the shoot to practice storytelling and facial expressions. 

The movie, Atomic Blonde, surrounds Charlize Theron as a secret agent in 1980’s Berlin. With lots of fluorescent lighting, turmoil, and the cunning looks of Theron, it was an excellent idea for models to perfect their own version. The main focus: make strong and ruthless look beautiful. Models don’t always look sweet, happy, and innocent. Modeling is a part of creating art work, showing emotion, a snippet into a story, giving meaning behind an idea. Being able to portray a look is one key part of modeling. In order to do so, models use facial expression and storytelling to illustrate what they are trying to tell to the viewer.

Crush Model Studios is proud to say the team did just that over the weekend.  And to Charlize Theron and the producers of Atomic Blonde: we hope we emulated the same fighter as Lorraine.

-- Story & BTS photos by Sophie Lavoie, Social Media Coordinator