April 21, 2023

Selecting Photos for a Model Portfolio

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When putting together a model portfolio, it is important to showcase your versatility as a model while also presenting a cohesive and professional collection of images. Here are some photo ideas to include in your model portfolio:

  1. Headshots: Include several clean and polished headshots showcasing your face and features.
  2. Full-body shots: Feature full-body shots in various poses and outfits to demonstrate your versatility as a model.
  3. Editorial shots: Include editorial-style images that showcase your ability to convey emotion and tell a story.
  4. Lifestyle shots: Add images that showcase you in a natural setting, such as outdoors or in a candid moment, to demonstrate your relatability.
  5. High fashion shots: Add images that showcase your ability to model high-end clothing or avant-garde fashion.
  6. Commercial shots: Include images that show you modeling everyday products or services, such as beauty or health products, to demonstrate your ability to sell a product.
  7. Creative shots: Add images that showcase your unique personality or interests, such as themed shoots or artistic images.

Remember, your portfolio should be a collection of your best work that showcases your range and versatility as a model. Select photos that highlight your strengths and demonstrate your potential to clients and agencies.

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