February 22, 2022

Featured Model: Kelly

Model Team

Kelly Skinner is a proud member of Crush Model Studios Elite Team, lovingly named the "Lucky 13." She's a model with a story that may just make you shed a few sweet tears. Skinner has a huge heart and is one of Crush Model Studio’s noble "model moms." She joined Crush Model Studio when her daughter, Katherine, expressed interest in modeling. She knew her daughter was very nervous to get into the industry and wanted to find a start in the right place. That’s when Skinner came across an open casting call for Crush Model Studios. Skinner knew her daughter was very much like herself and very shy. She decided to reach out to owner and founder, Sarah Beth, and asked if there were any age requirements to become a part of the team. When Sarah Beth said no, she decided to audition with her daughter.

Since joining Crush Model Studio, Skinner has walked for Iron Togs in the Kritiq fashion show, and has booked Kansas City Fashion Week in the spring. When asked what Crush Model Studio has done for herself, she replied with the most touching and raw response. “I feel like I am really finding myself. I used to hide in my big clothes. This has been life changing for me. I still remember the photoshoot with the parachute… I was freaking out, but Katherine was watching. So I pretended that I wasn’t absolutely horrified.” After participating in numerous photoshoots and fashion shows, Skinner has truly broken out her shell. She is one strong, fierce mama. Crush Model Studio is honored to welcome her into another year with the model team.

-- Story by Sophie Lavoie, Social Media Coordinator